Tourism aside, any Washingtonian can tell you, Capitol Hill is one of D.C.’s most popular places to live. Long considered the largest historic residential neighborhood in D.C. up-and-coming neighborhoods like Navy Yard only serve to bolster its increasing appeal. 

For decades, politicos and professionals have been drawn to the neighborhood for its 19th-century rowhouses, perennial cherry blossoms and proximity to government edifices. Today, the neighborhood is a fascinating contradiction – at once – dripping with history, infused with dynamic youthful energy and inextricably able to retain a certain cozy hometown charm. A plethora of parks, bars and restaurants, and (of course) national government buildings are woven into Capitol Hill’s rich tapestry. Each only a manageable walk or quick Uber ride away. It’s no wonder its widely considered the crown jewel of D.C.’s metropolitan area.

Still not convinced? No worries. We’ve compiled the three BIG reasons everyone loves (and wants to live in) Capitol Hill.

  1. Lincoln Park
    Favored by dog-walkers, Lincoln Park, the largest park in Capitol Hill offers residents a dense urban experience. Bring your dog or a friend or a good book. 
  2. The Eastern Market
    This 125-year-old marketplace is just what you’d imagine; a brick building with deli counters selling meat and produce; farmers and flea-market vendors set up outside; flanked by funky antique stores, hip jewelry shops, art galleries, and a neighborhood pub or two. Bring some cash.
  3. Navy Yard
    Longing for water views? Just south of Capitol Hill, Navy Yard is one of the largest riverfront redevelopment sites in the country and comparable to Boston’s Seaport or NYC’s Hudson Yards. It also boasts a fan-favorite stadium for the Washington Nationals. “Gooo Nats!”