For city dwellers, one of the true pleasures in life is occasionally escaping the fast-paced urban experience that is city-living. Getting out of town isn’t always an option but getting above it above it all and taking in the views via luxury penthouse suite can be an equally cathartic and much more accessible option.

Penthouses are a hot commodity anywhere and in D.C. it’s no different, with luxury properties in Capitol Hill, Arlington and other neighborhoods selling faster than they can be listed. D.C. penthouses offer an opportunity to experience the city in a very new way – from above it – with several locations even overlooking historic government monuments. Vistas like this are what truly sell the D.C. penthouse experience, allowing residents a much-needed reprieve while still feeling connected to the city and its energy.

If these unparalleled views haven’t sold you on the penthouse experience, here’s three more reasons to consider:

  1. The privacy. Penthouses tend to be quieter than an apartment because they’re further from the street noise and no one lives above you. 
  2. The perks. Ample light, cathedral ceilings, elevators that open directly into the apartment, private outdoor space, and more are often among featured penthouse amenities.
  3. The feeling. It’s more than luxury. It’s sort of indescribable. You can’t really put your finger on it but there’s a certain status that comes with living in a penthouse. Trust us on this one.

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