Chase a shot of Johnson & Johnson with a cold beer, sponsored by the DC government.

Shot and beer combos typically call for an ounce of liquor, but for one day at the Kennedy Center’s beer garden, the pairing extends to the Johnson & Johnson jab. DC government is teaming up with Loudoun’s Solace Brewing Company and Victura Park to offer free beers on Thursday, May 6 to those who get vaccinated at the Reach.

No need to make an appointment or reservation—just walk up to the clinic between 4 PM and 8 PM for the single-shot vaccine. Hopeful imbibers must be at least 21 years old to cash-in on a glass of Solace Brewing Company’s beer.

The idea for pairing vaccines and beer echoes an initiative in New Jersey where those who get a shot in May are eligible for a pro bono beer at participating breweries. Here in DC, incentives such as complimentary Krispy Kreme donuts and joint giveaways on 4/20 have encouraged residents to get vaccinated.