Stag Party “I don’t want to offer something you can get everywhere,” says Ayelet Faerman of the cypress-mounted staghorn ferns and Curly Slim air plants she ships nationwide for Verdant Lyfe, the Coral Springs, Florida, company she founded with her mother, Ofra Gaito, during the pandemic. Instead, she relies on small farmers growing native species and hybrids that thrive in their tropical locale. Faerman suggests watering the plants once a week with spring water and placing them in a spot that mimics the dappled sunlight they receive in nature ($59–$64;


Statement Pieces White Flower Farm has long been a go-to for bulbs and seeds, and its array of plants and flowers that arrive in chic containers, like the 1. Chinese fan palm, 2. lavender, and 3. white coralberry shown here, impress too ($69–$140;

Easy Does It The 4. watermelon peperomia, 5. ZZ plant, and 6. Monstera adansonii in this grouping from Fort Lauderdale’s Outside In make for great low-maintenance options for beginners—and for home spaces with low light ($20–$25;

Zest for Success Not every climate is suitable for citrus, but a 7. Meyer lemon tree or a diminutive 8. calamondin, yielding fruit somewhere between a kumquat and a mandarin, from Via Citrus’s farm in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida, will thrive in a sunny spot indoors ($65;

Total Packages Lively Root offers vessels that coordinate with its mail-order plants, including gray Eco Pots made from recycled plastic and natural stone, seen here housing a 9. snake plant, 10. split-leaf philodendron, and 11. kalanchoe, and water hyacinth baskets like this one holding a 12. lady palm ($30–$110;

Blush Rush Pink-tinged plants from Verdant Lyfe—like this 13. peacock plant, 14. furry-feather Calathea, 15. Calathea Dottie Pink Stripe, 16. Fittonia pink nerve plant, and 17. Nanouk tradescantia—break up the all-green monotony ($14–$29;

Full Circle These Bloomist offerings exemplify the company’s modern take on the Japanese art of kokedama. The style of ornamental gardening originated centuries ago and involves wrapping the root ball of a plant (in this case, a 18. ficus bonsai and a 19. split-leaf monstera) in soil that is then covered in moss tied with string, creating a perfect sphere ($72–$78;