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Future-proof Tech to Enhance your Home’s Energy Efficiency, Safety, and Fun Factor

Today’s home is already smart. Innovative tech products like Nest, Ring, and Amazon Alexa have transformed homes everywhere and – in the process – become indispensable to day-to-day life. But as these technologies continue evolving future-proofing becomes more and more important to keeping your home from becoming obsolete.

Today’s homeowner is using future-proof technology to make their homes safer, eco-friendlier and more energy efficient, not to mention more fun and entertaining. But in a sea of options what’s right for you? Check out our future-proofing tech quick list and enhance your home (and your life) today.

Energy Efficiency
Enhancements like installing solar panels are proven to significantly reduce a home’s carbon footprint and have a considerable long-term payback but it might seem aggressive. Future-proofing on a dime? Most people already have a Nest smart thermostat (which starts at $169.00) but future-proofing tech like Amazon Alexa-compatible Conico Smart Plugs (starting at about $30.00) and a Hydrao smart shower head (starting at about $99.00) are affordable and make any home more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

What good is a home if you don’t feel safe and secure? Security systems like SimpliSafe have become industry brands with a robust suite of smart alarms and wireless security packages but they can be costly (not to mention intimidating). Is there a middle ground? Absolutely. Security/door monitoring systems like Ring Doorbell start at $149.00. They provide similar functionality and the same peace of mind.

Fun Factor
You spend a huge chunk of your life at home. You better enjoy it there. Thanks to Amazon Alexa we can play our favorite song or look up any random fact in an instant. It’s lots of fun but she still can’t get you in shape. Don’t worry, Mirror, a New York-based start-up, has solved for that. They want you to future-proof your home gym with their tech-infused full-length mirror for interactive, on-demand workout classes (starting at about $1,500.00). Once installed, your home (and your health) will be future-proofed.

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