2020 has been a crazy year for everyone but, for the Poduslo Group, it’s also been a year of introspection and growth. Early on, the word ‘pivot’ took on a whole new meaning as we quickly adapted, evolved, and innovated to keep our clients moving forward and create some good in these uncertain times.

That’s why we’re so excited to share The Poduslo Pivot, your digital key to navigating real estate in the time of COVID-19. The Pivot represents an opportunity. It’s an investment in real estate media (viral videos, YouTube tips and tricks, dynamic and engaging email, and even a brand-new way to look at real estate, our Glimpse Tours) and it’s educating and empowering buyers and sellers internationally.

Ready or not, the future of real estate is here, and we are proud to be leading the market and pivoting to multimedia storytelling to engage, inspire, and get your home sold fast!

Let’s PIVOT and find the silver lining this year together!


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