What Does It Mean To Pivot?

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone but, for the Poduslo Group, it’s also been a year of introspection and growth. Early on, the word ‘pivot’ took on a whole new meaning as we quickly adapted, evolved, and innovated to keep our clients moving forward and create some good in these uncertain times.

That’s why we’re so excited to share The Poduslo Pivot, your digital key to navigating real estate in the time of COVID-19. The Pivot represents an opportunity. It’s an investment in real estate media (viral videos, YouTube tips and tricks, dynamic and engaging email, and even a brand-new way to look at real estate, our Glimpse Tours) and it’s educating and empowering buyers and sellers internationally.

Ready or not, the future of real estate is here, and we are proud to be leading the market and pivoting to multimedia storytelling to engage, inspire, and get your home sold fast!

Let’s PIVOT and find the silver lining this year together!

From Our Founder

Joseph Poduslo, and his team, want to change how real estate uses media.

Joseph Poduslo is a founding agent at TTR Sotheby’s International Realty. Over the course of his 13-year career, Joseph has cumulative sales over $250 million dollars, garnered industry-wide recognition for his results-driven leadership style, and won the hearts of his clients with his caring personal approach. Joseph has been featured in the Washington Post, NBC, CNN, and was recently named Washington Life Magazine’s “Most Influential Business Person Under Forty.” 

This year, in the wake of COVID-19, Joseph launched Poduslo Group Media, a real estate production company focused on state-of-the-art multimedia video production services that have catapulted him as a leader in his industry. Joseph is excited to be leading the way as the first D.C. real estate firm to offer a full suite of multimedia production services. Joseph now travels across the U.S. teaching the best agents how to utilize new technologies for their business.


Understanding how to harness your 'Left Brain'




Your Real Estate Ecosystem

You are a part of an ecosystem.

Identify your ecosystem and provide value outside of real estate.

Your leadership in your ecosystem/community will shine and business will flow to you from daily interactions.


Through calls, zoom and short video.

It may sound scary but it works. Appearing Human.

Who are you putting into your social?


Photography: leave the consumer wanting more!

Testimonials: Your connections are everything. Make an outstanding first impression, build that relationship, and then harvest the work.

Understanding how to harness your 'Right Brain'

Human Connection

As you become their agent you become apart of their family.

How are you going to SHOW UP? How do you make these connections:

Talk about them! Bring up topics about their family, their job, what they enjoy spending their free time doing, and where do they see themselves in the near furture

Understanding Floorplans

Case by case

Floorplans and 3D Floor Plans can help and hurt. But why?

Overloading information deters from coming to see the product

Industry Trends

Where are people coming from?

What consumer patterns are being seen?

What advances are we making in social media?

80/20 Rule

80/20 data real estate decision making rule and how to apply it to your business.

Lean in on the tech (80), but the 20% human intuition.

Go with your gut feelings.

How to: Build Your Media

Glimpse Tours

A new way to reach buyers?

Instagram! A glimpse of the lifestyle you could be living within those properties.

Use What You

Have Your cell phone has so many capabilities, you need to harness them for more than still pictures.

Print Is Not Dead!

Did you notice the QR Codes on this presentation?

They will take your buyer right where you want them In this instance it will take you to our brand new Poduslo PIVOT Videos!

Check them out!

Now you can integrate the virtual space on your mailers, brochures and signs.

Video in 2020

How to pivot from a listing video into a real estate branding video about your services,

Call To Action

Your brain is only so big. Use Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

What is your buyers next step on your post, story, mailer, etc.?

Check out how I have used the “Call To Action” in my Glimpse Tours.


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