Joseph Poduslo talks cutting through the data and the changing landscape of creative marketing. Read Here.

Today, real estate professionals are drowning in a sea of data from first party to third party and, while many argue information is power, all this data may be at the expense of creativity, the backbone of marketing itself. According to the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), the effectiveness of creativity went down 39% last year. The reason for the drop? Information overload is making us too left-brained, too data-driven and too analytical.

We all know the left brain’s role is to find order and logic but therein lies the problem. As human beings, we are often illogical and unorderly. As consumers, we are often spontaneous, impulsive and act in a highly emotive manner. Because, as humans and consumers, up to 85% of our decisions are often emotionally-driven how can rational data to ever truly understand us?

Data-loving real estate marketing professionals use artificial intelligence tools to crunch through data and compile strategic research on consumer behavior, develop competitive data for benchmarking, and better understand influencer usage. They know there’s a great deal of value in this data, but the data alone isn’t enough. It is best used to inform creative strategy using the right brain.

“The right brain is associated with creative thought and emotion. As a professional real estate marketer, I harness left brain tactics like common sense along with right brain tactics like gut instinct to cut through and make sense of data every day,” said Joseph Poduslo of the Poduslo Group. 

Last year, Joseph Poduslo launched the Poduslo Group. He and his team harness both the right brain and the left brain to exceed client expectations. “We waved goodbye to the old way of marketing homes and now use data and storytelling to embed emotion into our real estate marketing strategy.” 

“Ten years ago, my team was connecting with clients solely by email on the web. Today, we’ve embraced the digital age adopting a dynamic multi-tiered approach using social, email and video to elevate the consumer experience.” 

“All this data is great but it’s important to keep in mind the heart and soul of real estate, the human connection,” and according to Joseph, “no amount of marketing data will ever be able to replace that.”

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